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Bringing a Brand Collaboration to Life
The challenge

In 2018, UK-based clothing company Drop Dead teamed up with Universal Studios to launch the Drop Dead x Jurassic Park capsule collection. Launched to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ​Jurassic Park​ and the release of ​Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom​, the exclusive line features bomber jackets, hoodies, backpacks, and character-inspired clothing.

To take the collection a step further, Drop Dead also wanted to offer a range of Jurassic Park-inspired accessories. So, they reached out to the team at Rocket Branding to bring their brand specimens to life.

The ideas

We worked closely with the team at Drop Dead to turn their designs into a collection of unconventional and eye-catching accessories that embodied the Drop Dead x Jurassic Park brand. Amongst the one-of-a-kind offerings were a BPA-free black Site D canister and a ranger patch set featuring co-branded iron-on embroidered patches.

We also worked with Drop Dead to design and manufacture a range of promotional items for launch, including promotional keyrings and carrier bags featuring the iconic Jurassic Park dinosaur graphic.

Keeping in line with Drop Dead’s ethical practices, all of the products were manufactured in our SMETA-audited factories with the highest standards of working conditions.

The results

The Drop Dead x Jurassic Park collection launched in Summer 2018 and was one of the brand’s biggest licensed collaborations to date. In classic Drop Dead style, the brand extended the Jurassic Park storyline to its products, focusing on the products being specimens created in Drop Dead’s own lab, Site D.

The Site D laboratory theme expanded into Drop Dead’s stores, with overgrown foliage, chemical jars and decontamination zones appearing in the brand’s London store. By all accounts, the Drop Dead x Jurassic Park collection launch was a roaring success, with many of the items now sold out.

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