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Alluring Customers with Premium Promotional Gifts
The challenge

When Imedeen, a global expert in skincare supplements, wanted to enhance its premium gift strategy nearly three years ago, they turned to Rocket Branding to help create a covetable collection of luxury customer gifts. Giveaways, gifts with purchase and loyalty programmes are a time honoured tradition in the personal care industry and a key advertising technique for brands like Imedeen. So, we knew we needed to develop a range of alluring products that would entice new customers, whilst building loyalty for the brand.

The ideas

We worked closely with the brand management team at Imedeen to bring their premium gift strategy to life through high quality and ethically sourced branded merchandise. Women are a key demographic for Imedeen, so many of the products we create are designed to appeal to and entice female consumers. Over the years, the products we’ve produced range from bespoke beauty items to practical products and indulgent luxuries. Amongst some of the most popular branded gifts we’ve created are custom compact mirrors, hair brushes, gold-printed notebooks, frosted nail files, luggage tags, and quilted style cosmetic bags.

Though the range of free premiums is varied, each item is carefully selected with the aim of attracting customers and increasing the perceived value of Imedeen’s product line. New promotional products are regularly introduced and launched as part of Imedeen’s advertising strategy, helping to expand their reach and attract new and loyal customers.

The results

Imedeen’s free beauty premiums have proven a winning strategy, with customers snapping them up as soon as they become available. We now work with Imedeen to produce and launch around 20-25 new promotional products each year, a testament to their continued success..

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